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Manufacturing Business Insurance

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Manufacturing Business Insurance

This region is filled with firms providing manufacturing services for metal goods, wood products, plastics, electrical components and much more. THE RANKIN INSURANCE GROUP represents some of the best insurance companies in the industry and are looking to provide insurance protection for your manufacturing facility.

Commonly Sought Commercial Coverages

General Liability
General Liability insurance provides coverage for claims that involve bodily injury and property damage resulting from your products, service, or operations. General liability insurance may also provide protection for you if you are deemed liable for damages to your landlord’s property.

Commercial Property
The Commercial Property section provides coverage for your building(s), business personal property (which may include furniture, inventory, electronics) and property of others.

Manufacturers Selling Price
Manufacturers Selling Price coverage provides protection for your business for the loss of profit that would have been earned from the sale of finished stock that would have been sold, had it not been damaged in a covered loss. Standard policy language would normally cover the cost to replace such items (profit is not included).

Brands and Labels
The Brands and Label endorsement allows your customer to remove the brand, label or stamp “salvage” on merchandise after a loss. This coverage endorsement helps protect your company and product reputation for merchandise that may be sold as salvage, or even given away following a loss.

Equipment Breakdown
Equipment Breakdown coverage provides protection against the mechanical breakdown of equipment used in your business, including the cost to repair damaged equipment, spoiled goods and loss of income.

Business Interruption
Following a physical property loss, it may take some time to get your business running smoothly again. Business Interruption insurance covers loss of income, extra expenses incurred during the time of loss, as well as the costs for continued operation.

Commercial Auto
Commercial Auto Insurance provide coverage for liability and physical damage losses resulting from the operation of vehicles owned by your business and used in your operations. We offer coverage for fleet and non-fleet vehicles.

Workers Compensation & Employers Liability
The Workers Compensation section of the policy provides coverage for cost of lost wages and medical expenses in regards to work related injuries sustained by an employee. The Employers Liability section provides coverage for liability arising out of work related injuries that are not subject to statutory obligations under the workers compensation laws (i.e. lawsuits).

Commercial Umbrella/Excess Liability
Commercial Umbrella/Excess Liability coverage provides protection against large liability losses that exceed the limits of your general liability or commercial auto insurance policy.

Optional Coverages

Cyber Liability
Cyber Liability insurance includes a wide range of coverages, such as costs related to notifying customers that you have had a breach, data loss expenses, lost income and personal identity recovery expenses related to a cyber attack.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)
Employment Practices Liability coverage provides protection for wrongful employment acts such as harassment, discrimination and wrongful termination. Some of our carriers provide access to employment practices websites and legal employment hotlines, where you can connect with attorneys who are well-versed in federal and state employment laws.

Employee Dishonesty
Employee Dishonesty coverage provides protection for your business against the theft of money, securities and other tangible property by employees.

Inland Marine
Inland Marine insurance offers a variety of coverages that protect your property while away from your primary location. Those coverages may include tools, equipment, laptops, and building materials and rented equipment. Builders Risk coverage is available to cover your interest in buildings under construction.

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